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The NPA holds a wide range of books, articles, notes and research papers and well as pipes and related items. These include:


Paper Archives These include published works held by the Achive as well as unpublished research notes, theses, and collectors note books and correspondence. It also includes the historical paper archives relating to the Society for Clay Pipe Research and L’Acadèmie Internationale de la Pipe.



Clay PipesThe Archive holds a large reference collection of clay tobacco pipes from manydifferent sites in the UK and abroad as well as other pipe clay objects, such as hair curlers and clay figurines. The collections include the archives of some of the UK's clay tobacco pipe makers, such as Pollock's of Manchester.



Briar Pipes This collection comprises a smaller quantity of briar pipes but also records and trade catalogues from briar pipe manufacturers including Comoys, Charatan, Lecrois, GBD and paronelli and retailers, including Orlik's, Peterson's and Tranter's. There is also a prototype of the Falcon pipe.



Kiln Groups As well as individual pipes the Archive holds collections of material relating to the production of both clay and briar pipes. These include excavation archives from clay pipe kiln sites at Pipe Aston in Herefordshire, Waverley Street in Bristol and Boston in Lincolnshire.



Smoking Related The Archive holds a selection of objects relaing to smoking and associated miscellaneous emphemera. These collections include large collections of match and cigar boxes, as well as items relating to cigarrettes and tobacco advertising.



National Stamp Catalogue During the fieldwork for his PhD, Dr David Higgins developed a methodology for recording the stamped marks on clay pipes, by impressing them in plasticine and making casts of them using a fine casting plaster. This ensures that an exact representation of each stamped mark is preserved and allows similar stamped marks with the same sets of initials to be distinguished from each other. Following completion of his PhD he and others have continued to use the method. The Stamp Catalogue at present comprises some 670 blocks containing impressions of more than 30,000 individual pipes, representing many thousands of different die types.


Paper Archives

Clay Pipes

Briar Pipes

Kiln Groups

Smoking Related

Stamp Catalogue

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